Current Operations

We operate in the building envelope trades of membrane roofing, metal roof/wall systems, composite aluminium wall systems, windows & glazing, hot applied waterproofing, metal decking, and asbestos removal. We employ over 150 qualified employees, each of whom is dedicated to their own particular trade. We offer these trades in both commercial and industrial settings throughout the province of Saskatchewan, as well as Northern Alberta & Manitoba. We have experience working in the industrial sectors of oil, potash, uranium, forestry, and food processing.

Our head office is located in the North Industrial area of Saskatoon, this is a new facility which was completed in July 2018. Our main administration office is located on South Industrial Drive in Prince Albert, this facility was completed in May 2020. Both of these facilities serve as fabrication sites for metal and glass products that are shipped throughout the prairies. We also have a satellite location in Regina which supports work throughout the south of the province. 

A typical new construction project being built today would see Thorpe Industries as having the capacity to complete all of the trades we offer from start to finish. All personnel are dedicated solely to their particular trade in order to give the attention and expertise which each trade demands.